Our Objectives


The promotion of culture and the dissemination of activities related to angel investing and entrepreneurship, the support of initiatives in the Sfax region, and the organization of regular meetings between members and entrepreneurs


The facilitation of the assessment and investment in entrepreneurial projects that are in the initial phase of their activities and/or have a high potential for growth and/or are characterized by a high rate of innovation


The creation of a bridge between investors in Tunisia and the Tunisian diaspora abroad, encouraging them to contribute to the development of SMEs and startups in Tunisia.

The Genesis

SYPHAX ANGELS is a group of Tunisian individuals, hailing from the SFAX region. These individuals include businessmen and businesswomen, entrepreneurs, managers, executives, and experts who have come together to launch a Tunisian network of Business Angels. Driven by the ambition to create value, they are convinced of their ability to support innovative and high-potential projects. They invest in these projects personally and also provide valuable advice, expertise, experience, and networking—elements crucial for every entrepreneur.



Our team at the Tunisian Business Angels network is composed of a group of experts passionate about entrepreneurship and investment. We are experienced angel investors with a proven track record in investing in startups and SMEs

Our services for startups

As a team of Business Angels, we offer a range of services to help startups succeed and grow. Here are some of the services we provide:

Strategic Advisory

Business Angel

If you are interested in becoming a Business Angel with SYPHAX ANGELS, here are the steps to follow:


You can contact us via email or phone to express your interest in becoming a Business Angel. We will be happy to answer any questions and provide the information you need.

Meeting with Our Team

If your application is accepted, you will be invited to meet with our team to discuss your investment goals, investment strategy, and expectations regarding return on investment.


We assess all new candidates based on their professional experience, investment experience, and their potential contribution within our network.

Follow-up and Support

We will monitor all investments together and provide ongoing support to the startups and SMEs in which we have invested. We will also work with you to ensure regular follow-ups.


Submit Your Project

The application process may vary among investor groups, but generally, it involves filling out an online form or submitting a presentation dossier of your project. If your application is shortlisted, you may be invited to present your project in person before a selection committee.

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